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Maximize your portfolio's profitability without the day-to-day headache.

Launched in 2022, Iskagna Asset Management is developing a growing reputation in the Charleston area as a leading third-party Asset Manager. Our services offer our clients the ability to pursue the next deal while ensuring that their portfolio is in good hands. Whether through streamlined communication, implementation of a new business plan, or managing property and portfolio Compliance, our clients experience quality Asset Management without having to build out a team to handle day-to-day business operations. 

Iskagna offers clients a comprehensive suite of Asset Management Services.


Keeping our clients organized is the linchpin to the successful management of their portfolios. Establishing a baseline for each of our clients during the onboarding period, and maintaining that standard of organization, allows our clients seamless access to essential information and documents. Whether our clients need to pull together due diligence during the sale of one of their assets or track down critical information to make essential business decisions, our organizational efforts will allow our clients to streamline their operations to maximize portfolio profitability.

  • Maintain "Asset Bible" for each Asset under management for easy access to critical business information.

  • Create and maintain a "Cloud Based" data room for each Asset and Management entity.

  • Streamline all email and paper communications to an Iskagna email address & P.O. Box.

  • Single point of contact for client professional partnerships.

  • Track critical dates to avoid late payments, lapses in coverage, and satisfy investor and lender requirements.

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Iskagna provides clients with customizable financial reporting at the asset and portfolio levels. Focused, up-to-date reporting will allow our clients to see the big picture and address the business concerns of their portfolios through an informed lens.

  • Monthly Executive Summaries for each asset allow our clients to address critical path items quickly and effectively.

  • Quarterly Investment Decks provide our clients with polished reports that can be distributed to investors and lenders or be used as marketing materials.

  • Updated schedules will track critical business items for our clients – "cash-flow" management, investment positions, etc.

  • Maintain and coordinate internal and external client underwriting for all assets.

  • Maintain and coordinate a set of simple books for each asset and management entities to eliminate the headaches of tax season.


Iskagna's commitment to organization allows us to be our clients' single point of contact for all their professional relationships. By eliminating the need for our clients to manage these relationships themselves, their focus can be on high level business operations. Weekly meetings with property managers will provide them with the support they need to drive rents or retain tenants. Vetting brokers will allow our clients to choose the professional best suited to renew an insurance policy or sell off an asset. Each relationship takes time to manage, and by providing our clients with necessary coverage, Iskagna can reduce and streamline the time needed to ensure those relationships remain healthy.

  • Weekly meetings with property managers to drive revenue and implement portfolio level business plans at the asset level.

  • Provide client CPAs with necessary reporting to file taxes and provide clarification where necessary.

  • Work closely with brokers to renew insurance policies and acquire/sell assets.

  • Coordinate and manage deliverables from legal professionals.

  • Vet vendor and construction contracts & manage day-to-day work product of all third parties.

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Due Diligence and Closings can quickly turn into a full-time job, let Iskagna take the lead on managing these transactions for you. We provide our clients with top to bottom coverage and leverage our team's experience and expertise to assist our clients in executing their real estate transactions. Iskagna will utilize the same commitment to organization we utilize for Assets Under Management to collaborate with our clients, lenders, and professionals to make this process as smooth as possible.

  • Organize Due Diligence materials.

  • Coordinate site inspections.

  • Manage DD Checklists – Lender and Legal.

  • Prioritize deliverables for clients.

  • Schedule and manage weekly check-in calls with all relevant parties.

  • Access to Development Management & Property Management services for pre-Acquisition period.

Iskagna provides clients with comprehensive portfolio monitoring that allows our clients to meet the compliance needs of their assets and management entities.
  • Generate and satisfy Tax Bills in a timely manner.

  • 1099 preparation for all vendors.

  • Coordinate tax preparation with client's CPA.

  • Distribute K1s to necessary parties.

  • Audit annual reports from Property Managers and monitor notices from and review procedures of local municipalities to avoid violations and fines.

  • Coordinate renewal process to create the most attractive narrative for each asset to achieve preferred rates and enhanced coverage for our clients.

  • Work closely with adjusters and legal to address insurance claims.

  • Work closely with our client's legal team throughout these proceedings to address these incidents timely and legally.

Interested in speaking with one of our team members about your Asset Management needs?
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