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Maximize your portfolio's profitability without the day-to-day headache.

Launched in 2022, Iskagna Asset Management is developing a growing reputation in the Charleston area as a leading third-party Asset Manager. Our services offer our clients the ability to pursue the next deal while ensuring that their portfolio is in good hands. Whether through streamlined communication, implementation of a new business plan, or managing property and portfolio Compliance, our clients experience quality Asset Management without having to build out a team to handle day-to-day business operations. 


Iskagna offers clients a comprehensive suite of Asset Management Services.


Iskagna provides clients with three levels of reporting: 

  • Monthly Reports: Executive Summaries and detailed appendixes for each Asset.

  • Quarterly Reports: "Polished Investment Decks” which can be easily distributed to lenders or investors and be used as a sales tool for clients. 

  • Annual Reports: Provide clients with the necessary information for year-end tax purposes and allow Iskagna and its clients to set new target growth goals for the new year.

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Iskagna provides a two-headed approach to maximizing revenue for our client's portfolio. Revenue Growth can take shape by working closely with property managers to implement:

  • New leasing strategies

  • Address Necessary CapEX upgrades

  • Auditing market rents, 

  • Develop a modern and Creative Marketing Plan 

Expense Reduction Plans are complex and require close examination to maintain the same level of effectiveness as Revenue Growth Strategy: 

  • Negotiating new vendor contracts

  • Reducing a portfolio's Tax Liability 

  • Implementing action plans to increase energy efficiency

  • Auditing monthly expenses


Iskagna will establish a point of contact working relationship with our clients' Property Managers and other Professionals during the onboarding process. This provides clients with peace of mind and no longer requires our clients to manage these professionals on a week-to-week basis; therefore, our clients will have the time to pursue opportunities that will increase the size and profitability of their portfolios

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Iskagna provides clients with comprehensive portfolio monitoring to manage the compliance needs of their assets and fulfill obligations to their partners and investors. ​

  • Taxes

  • Insurance

  • ADA/Municipal

  • Evictions/Tenant Issues

  • Cost Seg Analysis

  • Bulk Pricing

  • Up to Date Market Research

  • Due Diligence Services

  • Access to Iskagna Construction Management or Development Management Services

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