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Iskagna was established in 2017 as a real estate company in Charleston, SC. In 2019, Iskagna grew into a dual focused firm – Iskagna Management and Iskagna Real Estate. As both a Management Firm and a Real Estate Firm, Iskagna can take advantage of the expertise of our in-house Real Estate and Construction Management professionals on each project. This hybrid structure enables us to approach each project as our own real estate venture. Our objective is to maximize profit and minimize downside risk for our clients. 

Over the years we have developed extensive relationships with architects, engineers, general contractors, and others throughout the construction and real estate industry. These relationships are critical to our success and the success of clients.  


Iskagna offers clients a comprehensive suite of Construction Management and Real Estate Consulting Services


We believe that all services we provide to our clients should add-value and lead to the successful execution of their projects. In the spirit of adding value, we offer a full menu of services that can be tailored to fit the needs of each client individually.  



Iskagna guides projects from inception through completion. Our approach mitigates risks and ensures owners have the information they need to make informed decisions.

  • Eliminate downside risk

  • Foresee issues and provide solutions

  • Drive efficiency & quality


Iskagna provides clients with an understanding of their full project cost at each stage in the project. Our Cost Management services use the best data available, including historic data and project specific pricing.

  • Reduce budget gaps

  • Avoid budget increases

  • Guide contingency utilization 

Image by Nastuh Abootalebi


Iskagna provides 3rd party project monitoring services to financial institutions and developers. We fully vet projects potential pitfalls to help clients avoid exposure to risk.


Iskagna provides planning and scheduling services to owners and contractors. We work hand in hand with clients’ management team to develop and manage project schedules so that our clients are informed.


Iskagna provides clients with financial underwriting services to assess the feasibility of a project and works with lenders to throughout the development process.

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